1st habit: Be proactive

Whether you know it ore not, your life doesn’t just happen. It’s carefully designed by you. It’s your walk on the earth.

When you try to be proactive, you try to be responsible for your own life. You will see that you try to solve the problems not by blaming others but to recognize your part in the issue/problem/thing. An example is the circle of influence (underneath this blog). When your an proactive person you will try to place all the positive persons close to you. And the ones who have an bad influence on you as far as you can. Also is it your own choice how many people you place in that circle.

When you are an reactive person you blame others. You are over thinking things, and feel a victim in everything that happens around you. Instead of thinking “I will” ore “I can” you probably think “I have to” ore “I can’t”.

So by being aware of these circles it’s important to try be open to new things. When you open up and not over think to much you’ll see you will learn so much more, meet new people and gain new experiences. And by making mistakes in the mean time you gain knowledge that you’ll take with you the rest of your life.

werk bestand


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