Pathways to Youthwork

Pathways to Youth work is an international training course that helps you to go to your own roots of who you are as a person and become a stronger and better leader. The whole training is inspired by Stephen Covey and his 7 habits.

The trainings is given by 5 trainers and 1 dog. We learn by doing all these exercises and games and that makes everything a lot of fun. In my opinion that is one of the best learning methods there is. Because you don’t recognise that you’re learning things, but in the meantime your already doing it. When you finish this training with success you’ll be walking away with a lot of new experiences, things to think about, a badge for effective leadership, a platinum youth achievement award, a youthpass certificate and a piece for Council of Europe portfolio.


In the evening after a whole day of training we play games. And were very competitive. Werewolf, doble, ninja, love letters, uno, etc. etc. It’s a lot of fun and there is a lot of noise. It helps to connect with each other and make a very strong bond.

Everyone is there for you. They all want to help en support you when something is hard for you. Within this training course I gained a lot of new contact and a treasured new family. They help you to rise above yourself.



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