Kidzz & Armoede

Kidzz & armoede or children and poorness. We give lessons in awareness to poorness. We do this in elementary (special/normal) and high school. In that way we try to make this hard subject more understandable and more open for conversation. They are the future. So when they dare to talk about it, the problem will become more solvable.

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The children in elementary school played a lot more outside after our lessens. Also they were more excepting about other children and how they responded at certain situations. With the elementary school we organised a special day for children whose parent had to go to food banks. We did this at a cow farm. The pictures you see in the gallery above are pictures from the school and children of the volunteers on the day itself. We’ve also raised toys for the Christmas days and gave them away at the food bank. The video underneath here is in Dutch but were talking about the fundraising we did.

We’ve notices that in especially in high school there was a need for lessons like we give. This because these children went for collage the next year.  They learned more about budgets and how to for grocery shopping. After the lessons we heard from parents that the children didn’t wanted there extra bottle of coke ore their bag of crisps because they didn’t  need that. After their project they made these newspapers and handed that over to the municipality. They then took that into one of their meetings and try to make some changes with the tips and tricks from the youngsters.


My part in all this is to give the lessons to the children and guide them true the entire process. Me and my colleges also gave training to the volunteers and to support them. We also give lessons to other youth workers and to people who work within governments. This so people can take our program and can try to start a program in their own region. In this al we always play the games with the youth workers/other people and in that they see how confronting it could be but also how useful this method is to get a discussion. My part in that is to give the lessens and start the discussions and were I can’t go further my colleges jump in.

This school year we started out late. But were still going to do the project.



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