Paradigms & Princeples

I want to explain more about paradigms and principles. First I begin with the paradigms. It was quite an eye-opener for me because I never heard the word or the explanation before.

A paradigm could be about anything. It’s a belief about what influences you as a person. You build them on experiences, religion, family, culture, friends, etc. etc. Everything can change the way you think about a paradigm.

For example: when you’re a child you believe in Santa, but at a certain age you may have really good reasons why you don’t believe in Santa any more.

You should see it like a table. Your paradigm is the table top and you build it on the table legs. You can reinforce the table by putting some extra legs underneath the table top. In that way you can strengthening your belief in it as being true. By thinking in this way you can also break some negative beliefs down. You do this by removing the legs. You take away the belief behind the paradigm.

I’m going to use this method to change or strengthen the opinion for the people I help or for myself. Principles are in my eyes things that you see as your personal rules. They help you to frame your own actions. Some of them will be inherited from family or parents, others are cultural or religious. They are different for everybody. Some principles are permanent and others are temporarily. This because they can change true experiences, situations or environments etc.

You can put the principle in the middle. For example loyalty. And around it the things that could influence the principle, like friends, family, religion, culture, etc. etc.




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